Terms & Condition

Holiday Knock Travel Services welcomes visitors on www.holidayknock.com for any kind of assistance regarding travel. Our sole aim is to help customers in collecting travel information, post reviews/ forums as well as opinions on experiences or issues pertaining to travel so that they can collect sufficient information of travel industry across the world. If you access holidayknock.com, we consider that you agree to be bound by our agreement. Hence, kindly go through the agreement carefully and those who don’t accept our terms and conditions are not allowed for using our website. It is recommended that visitors should return to terms and conditions periodically to stay updated with the current version of Holiday Knock’s agreement. We reserve the right of changing or modifying the agreement even without any prior notice. Continuous access of our website indicates that you accept our modified agreement.

Displayed prices of the services on Holiday Knock Travel Services are subject to change without any prior notice and visible prices at the time of booking may not be considered full and final till booking process is active. Prices may be inclusive or exclusive of booking fees, airport taxes, hotel taxes, vat or any other government taxes that are applicable. Other than prices, availability of any particular service is also subject to change any time even during the process of booking and it can cause price variation.

Booking and payments
Online payments for any booking for service on www.holidayknock.com are completely hassle free and secured. We don’t store any details of customers’ credit or debit card in our database. Once your transaction is done, your money is transferred directly to the bank and card details are captured by bank’s website instead Holiday Knock. Hence, we take no responsibility in case of any kind of misuse of credit or debit card.

Holiday Knock Travel Services acts the role of an agent for third party service providers as well as distributors for all services booked by users on our website. Bookings for services at our website can be done online. A contract for sale or purchase of services can be done online at our site by visitors’ acceptance of services provided on the site by third party. You are not allowed to buy services that you are prohibited from buying by any applicable Indian or local laws. The responsibility for assuring compliance with the applicable laws will be completely yours.

In case a user books a ticket/hotel or any other service online through credit or debit card not directly in favor of the person availing services, holidayknock.com has right to cancel or hold the service until proper verification is done. If you book any service by using someone else`s credit or debit card, you are required to provide a copy of used card at info@holidayknock.com or call us at 91-11 -22488047, 09971398011. If said conditions don’t meet, holidayknock.com has full right to cancel, hold or declare such types of transactions fraudulent. Also, we have right to charge required charges for cancellation before refunding amount.

Amendment in Booking & Purchase

While booking kindly go through terms & conditions for any kind of amendment in bookings as well as purchases. If there is no terms and conditions available regarding amendment policy, you are not allowed to change your booking online. Kindly contact customer care team for further information regarding amendment policy.

Duplicate Bookings
Several duplicate bookings for same traveler are not permitted and it can cause loss or damage to Holiday Knock.

Products Services
All products & services on www.holidayknock .com are not available in every state or country. You can collect info by sending us an enquiry just by clicking send query section in contact us and our executive will shortly come back to you with all the required details about products and services, terms & conditions and exclusions applicable. Services that can be booked on www.holidayknock.com include hotels, sightseeing tours, air tickets, holiday package, car rental, travel insurance and so forth.

Delivery of Products Services
Hotels – When someone makes a hotel booking online, it provides instant confirmation soon after payment is done completely. Hotel’s confirmation voucher is received in mentioned email id at the time of booking. This voucher provides details such as transaction details, supplier detail, hotel address, contact number, meal plan, etc. Visitors have to show voucher at the check-in counter of hotel.

Sightseeing Tours – When you book a sightseeing tour online, you receive confirmation voucher instantly in your mentioned email id just after you make payment. In received voucher, you will get details like confirm date, payment details, supplier details, pick-up point and time as well as other relevant information.

E-tickets – E-ticket is an electronic document in which you get confirmation number instead paper ticket. Once complete payment is made through debit or credit card, e-ticket details are mailed at mentioned email id or mobile phone. Passengers are required to show print-out of unique confirmation number (PNR) at the check-in counter of airlines to receive boarding pass.

Holiday Packages – It takes around 24 hours to get confirmation of holiday packages. Once you make payment online, our customer care team will send you confirmation vouchers at the mentioned email address or at your address within 3 working days without any additional cost. But Holiday Knock Travel Services takes no responsibility in case customer is not present at his/her mentioned address at delivery time.

Car Rental – After making payment online, it takes 4-5 hours to get confirmation for car rental. Our customer care team will make a call to provide confirmation details. Also, you will get email regarding confirmation voucher.

Travel Insurance – Once you purchase travel insurance policy, it will be sent to your email id instantly. If someone doesn’t have email id, details can be collected from our office also or can be asked for home delivery by paying additional cost.

Third Party Travel Service Providers
Users are bound by the terms and conditions of service providers for whom Holiday Knock represents as a travel agent. It may include refund and cancellation policies of airlines, conditions of hotels, vacation rentals, carriage, cruise lines, car rental companies and so on.

We are not liable for any kind of claim against unsatisfactory fulfillment of services if someone purchases any service (tour operators, hotels, airlines, insurance companies, car rental companies, etc.) on your behalf by Holiday Knock Travel Services from third party service providers or distributors.

Terms Conditions for Product and Services
Few specific products and services come with special terms and conditions that are applied in the addition to the terms & conditions individually for each product or service. Please note that it is significant that you go through the information carefully pertaining to such products or services because these may comprise exclusions liability’s restrictions as well as other terms & conditions such as limitations on cancellation or amendment. Few of such terms and conditions for services may include terms and conditions displayed on your screens while using our website.

In case of any dispute, it will be referred to the arbiter to be prescribed by Holiday Knock Travel Services and the issue will be subjected to jurisdiction of Delhi courts.
Passport, Visa and Health Requirement

It is compulsory requirement in most of the countries; if you are looking to travel out of India, you must have a passport with minimum 6 months validity. Adding to it, visa and health regulations may vary country to country. An individual traveler is responsible to assure for the submission of all the documentation as well as medical necessities to the particular country embassy you are looking to visit. Holiday Knock takes no responsibility for any kind of rejection of visa issuance because of any reason.


  • Because of being just a facilitator holidayknock.com takes no responsibility for visa or immigration facilities.
  • Please be aware that immigration and visa are directly subject to jurisdiction of the embassies and consulate, we or any third-party vendor can’t assure confirmation of visa or its related documents.
  • It is advised that read rules and regulations of immigration and travel of the country you are looking to visit and confirm that you have all required documents, transit permits as well as permissions for your travel. Holiday Knock Travel Services will not be responsible for it by any means.
  • You should check for airport charges at several international destinations other than India. We shall not be responsible for paying any charges at international destinations that you are moving to.
  • Holiday Knock Travel Services reserves full right of rejecting any booking for any reason and will not be liable for any claim for compensation, loss or damages. In such case, Holiday Knock Travel Services will refund unused payment after deducting booking fees, administration charges and cancellation charges if applicable.

Content Submission
Holiday Knock allows users for submission of post, exchanging views, ideas, opinions, transmitting, inclusion of information, sharing images, photos or any such material, but it will be your sole responsibility of content posted on our site. We and our employees, partners, affiliates or subsidiaries will not be responsible for content posted by visitors or third party in any manner. We have full right to decline post and remove the content posted by visitors without any restriction and violation if it is unlawful and objectionable.

When visitors post any content, they give permission to Holiday Knock Travel Services unrestricted license of using as well as copying, modifying, translating, displaying publically, republishing either complete or some part of posted content for commercial use.

Uses of Website – visitors of this website agree at the below mentioned terms-

  • Information or experience posted by visitors or users on www.holidayknock.com is not just true but also accurate, updated and complete. Also, it is not biased opinion because of any personal enmity.
  • If a user has HB account, he will safeguard his account info, monitor as well as will take sole responsibility for use of his account by anyone else apart from him.
  • One must be minimum 13 years old to register an account or contributing to www.holidayknock.com. HB does not wittingly gather info of users below 13 years age. HB holds full right of denying access to anyone to our site as well as services offered by us because of any reason.

Prohibited Activities on Our Website

Content or information pertaining to data, information, images, text, audio, video, music, graphics, maps, icons, software, code, etc. on our website, becomes proprietary rights of Holiday Knock. Visitors get agreed that information posted by them is true to their knowledge. Visitors also agree at below mentioned points-

  • Not to use our website or any part of content for commercial purpose in any manner.
  • Visitors are not allowed accessing, monitoring or copying content or information available on our website through any scraper, spider, robot or by any other means for any purpose without our consent.
  • One can’t take any action that may impose in discretion of Holiday Knock, an excessive load on our infrastructure.
  • We decline users to deep-link to a portion of our site, be it any purpose without our written permission.
  • Visitors are denied not to frame, mirror or incorporate any part of www.holidayknock.com into other websites without our authorization.
  • A visitor can’t try to edit, modify, translate, disassemble, adjust or reverse any software programs that are being used by us.

Reviews, Comments
Our sole objective is to keep travelers updated by sharing real time experiences of other travelers. All thanks to our visitors for sharing their personal experiences on our web site. Please note that once you post content on our website in form of ideas, reviews, comments, suggestions and so forth, you allow us and our associates sole, royalty-free, everlasting, negotiable, irrevocable and completely sub licensable right of adapting, using, modifying, reproducing, translating, distributing, publishing and publicly displaying such submissions across the world in any media. You admit that we may provide ascription of your reviews or comments at the discretion of Holiday Knock. Furthermore, you also agree that all submitted or posted content by you on our website is non-confidential as well as non-proprietary after being posted.

All the visitors of www.holidayknock.com guarantee not to post, upload, store, create or transmit the content-

  • Any data, content, info, message, audio, video, images, codes, graphics or any such material which is unlawful, calumnious, repulsive, pornographic, deceitful, indecorous, raunchy, suggestive, provoking, invading of privacy or publicity rights, opprobrious or objectionable in any manner.
  • Content that may provide instructions or promote for any criminal offense, breach the rights of any party or which can create financial obligation or offend any local law, state law, national law and international law.
  • That may contravene any trademark, copyright, patent, trade secret or other rational or proprietorship right of any party.
  • Something that impersonates any person or manipulates your association with any person or entity including Holiday Knock.
  • Unsolicited publicities, contests, advertising, raffles or political campaign.
  • Secret information of a third party such as without restriction, surname, contact numbers, email ids, addresses, credit card numbers and social security numbers.
  • Also, you are not allowed to post harmful data, viruses and disruptive as well as destructive files.

Holiday Knock Travel Services doesn’t take any responsible or presumes any liability for content uploaded, posted or stored by visitors or third party. In addition to it, neither we are not responsible for any kind of loss or damage to it, nor liable for any mistakes, complaint, deletions, traducement, besmirch, falsifications, vulgarism, pornography or profanity encountered by visitors.

We have provided an interactive platform but we are not liable for visitors’ statements, delegacies or content in personal home page, any public forum or any other interactive area.

Holiday Knock Travel Services holds full right to not only removing but also screening or editing any piece of content posted by visitor whole content that too without any prior notice on our website anytime and because of any reason. Moreover, only they will be responsible to create backup copies or substituting any part of content posted by them or stored on website at their complete expense.

If it is decided that visitors hold moral rights in the content, here they declare that they don’t need any personally identifying information used in the posted content, any derivative forms or updates in that. Adding to this, they have no objection in its use, modification, publishing, omission and exploitation of content by Holiday Knock Travel Services or its licensees, heirs and assigns. They always waive and get agreed not to assert or claim any entitlement to all moral rights of a writer in any content. Moreover, they will always release Holiday Knock Travel Services as well as our successors, licensees and assigns from any kind of claim that they could assert against us by virtuousness of any moral rights.

Use of any interactional portions or other areas of our website in the foregoing’s violation breaches these terms of this site and may outcome in or among several other things, suspension or termination of visitors’ rights of using interactive areas or the website. For cooperating with court orders or legitimate governmental requests to protect Holiday Knock’s clients and systems or to assure the wholeness as well as operation of company’s business, we have right of accessing and revealing any info that is appropriate and required such as IP address, profile information of a user (name, email address and so on), history OF usage, traffic information as well as posted content. Other than this, we have right to reveal any such information that may take priority over any terms of Holiday Knock’s privacy policy. It is recommended to our visitors that they should investigate that whether the reviews or content that have been posted is accurate or only an opinion. We take no responsibility of any wrong information posted at www.holidayknock.com as well as we are not answerable for any kind of loss or damage that may cause because of traveling to such destinations.

Liability Disclaimer
We hereby declare that provided information, posted content, used software, offered products or services on www.holidayknock.com may include errors or inaccuracies, Holiday Knock Travel Services, our corporate affiliates or parent company/subsidiaries don’t guarantee of any accuracy. Hence, deny for any or all liability that may result in because of information or description of car, airlines, cruise, hotel or any other travel services or products published and displayed on www.holidayknock.com.
Holiday Knock Travel Services hold no delegacies about suitableness of software, provided info as well as products and services comprised on our website for any use. Apart from this, inclusion or providing any services on our website doesn’t make up any recommendation or endorsement of such services by the Holiday Knock. All of such software, information and products & services are offered without any kind of guarantee. In other words, we deny all conditions and guarantees that our web site, our servers or any email sent out from www.holidayknock.com are viruses free as well as other harmful elements. Holiday Knock Travel Services hereby decline all the guarantees or conditions related to information, products & services and software, including all involved conditions of merchantability, title and non violation.

In any case, Holiday Knock, our directors, officers or associates will not be liable for any direct or indirect, punitory, accidental or consequential losses or damages. Furthermore, we take no responsibility visitors’ access to display of or use of our website, delay or inability of accessing. The restriction of liability indicates the allotment of risk between parties. The specified restrictions in this section will survive and employ even if any determined remedy stipulated herein terms is found to get failed of its crucial aim. The restrictions of liability offered in terms and conditions harden to the benefits of Holiday Knock Travel Services.

While visiting our website visitors accept to oppose and compensate Holiday Knock Travel Services and its associates and any of our directors, officers, agents or employees against or from any claims, reasons of action, fines, losses, penalties, damages, recoveries, demands as well as other expenses of any kind but not restricted to reasonable accounting and legal fees brought by any third party that may be consequence of the following reasons-

  • Visitors go against of this agreement or any document cited here
  • Infringement of any right of third parties or law
  • Use of www.holidayknock.com by visitors

Links to Third-party Sites
www.holidayknock.com may comprise hyperlinks to web sites functioned by parties apart from Holiday Knock Travel Services. These hyperlinks are offered just for visitors’ reference and nothing else. We don’t take responsibility to control such other websites and nowhere responsible for their privacy policies, posted contents or any other practice.

Currency Converter
When it comes to international travel, currency is an important factor to be considered. Rates of currency completely depend on several sources that are publicly available and rates should be used only according to guidelines. Rates of currency can’t be verified accurately and real rates may vary than being displayed. Supplied info by this application is considered as accurate but Holiday Knock Travel Services and our associates don’t guarantee any such accuracy. While using info in terms of any financial purpose, we suggest you for consulting any skilled professional in order to verify accuracy of the rates of currency. Holiday Knock Travel Services doesn’t empower usage of this info for any kind of purpose apart from personal use of visitors and they are denied for redistribution, resale and employ of this info for any commercial purpose.

Copyright and Trademark Notices
All of the pieces of content available on our website are- 2012 Holiday Knock Travel Services. All rights are reserved. We are not responsible for content available on our websites functioned by third parties apart from us. Holiday Knock, its logo, cartoon characters as well as names of products and services or slogans that are displayed on our website are registered. Other than this, common law trademarks of Holiday Knock Travel Services or our licensors or providers can’t be used, copied or imitated without prior permission in written form of Holiday Knock. Other than this, appearance and feel of our website (scripts, headers of pages, button icons or custom graphics), is the trademark of Holiday Knock Travel Services and visitors are not allowed to copy, use or imitate it partially or wholly without written approval or consent of the company. Moreover, other registered trademarks, company name, logo as well as product or services’ names mentioned on this site are sole property of the company. Reference of anything such as products & services, procedures or any other info by manufacturer, supplier, trademark, trade name and so on doesn’t imply recommendation, financial support or endorsement thereof by Holiday Knock Travel Services.

Furthermore, other logos as well as company name and names of products & services mentioned on our site are the trademarks of their respective proprietors.

If you come to know any kind of violation of your brand and our brand, kindly let us know by sending a mail to us at copy@holidayknock.com.

Visitors and users agree that all of the claims that they may have against Holiday Knock Travel Services springing up from or pertaining to www.holidayknock.com will be heard and settled in jurisdiction located in Delhi, India. Use of www.holidayknock.com is not authorized in any jurisdiction that does not affect all the provisions of our terms & conditions.
Visitors and users agree that no partnership, employment relationship, agency or joint venture existing between them and Holiday Knock Travel Services and associates as a consequence of this agreement or using our website.

This agreement is subject to legal process as well as updated and existing laws. Adding to this, nothing comprised herein this agreement determines right of Holiday Knock Travel Services of complying with law enforcement or any other legal requests or necessities pertaining to visitors or users’ use of www.holidayknock.com, provided information to us or collected by the company in regard to such usage. To the extent reserved by the relevant or applicable law, visitors and users agree that they will bring any cause of action or claim springing up from or pertaining to their access or use our website within two years from that date when such action or claim sprang up or occurred or such claim otherwise these types of causes of action shall be waived in an irrevocable manner.

In case visitors find any part of this agreement invalid or not enforceable pursuant to the relevant law but not restricted to the guarantee disclaimers as well as liability limits mentioned above, the unenforceable or invalid provision shall be viewed as replaced by a valid and enforceable provision that nearly meets the purpose of original provision as well as left provisions in this agreement will be go on in effect.

The agreement as well as other terms & conditions cited herein comprises whole agreement between Holiday Knock Travel Services and visitors or users with regard to www.holidayknock.com and it replaces all previous or contemporary communications as well as proposals, be it oral, written or electronic between the visitors, users or clients and the company in regard to this website. Other than this, a published version of the agreement or any written notice provided in electronic form will be permissible in juridical, administrative or legal proceeding relating to this ongoing agreement subject to the same conditions as well as to the same level similar to the records and other business documents that are maintained and originally generated in form of print.

Fabricated names of people, characters, companies, products & services, and data mentioned on www.holidayknock.com are not meant to act any actual individual, event, company as well as product or service.

Service Help
Being a visitor or user, should you have any query? For further queries or answers to your queries, just feel free to write us at info@holidayknock.com.