Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of bookings policy may be different for each service. When someone makes a booking, it is always recommended to view terms & conditions of every service offered by Holiday Knock. It is where users can find info all about cancellation or refund of booking along with terms & conditions.

You are allowed to cancel your booking online on and if you face complications in it, you can get it done by speaking with our customer care team. After requesting for cancellation, it may take minimum processing time that may vary to specific terms & conditions that are applicable to the particular service booked by you.

You may be charged penalty for cancellation of the product or service booked by you that is either not used or cancelled after the deadline mentioned in terms & conditions. You agree for paying full cost of your booking, cancellation and administration fee for any service booked but not used because of any reason. In few cases, Holiday Knock may charge fee of cancellation or amendment other than imposed by travel service providers.

Holiday Knock holds the full right to reject any booking due to any reason and will not be liable for any kind of claim of compensation, loss or damage. In such cases, Holiday Knock will refund all the money that is collected by you and is unutilized till date.

For booking or purchasing that has been paid already, refunds will be given as per refund policy mentioned in terms and conditions. When it comes to the cancellation of air ticket, it may take around 30 – 45 working days while for hotels, you will have to wait for approx 10 – 15 working days to get credited your due amount into your mentioned account at the time of booking. But don’t forget that cancellation and refund policy may vary for every service offered by us.

Refund timeline is a guide just for users’ reference and Holiday Knock Travel Services shall not be binding for the same.