Jim Corbett National Park

Covering an area of 1318.54 sq. km, Corbett National Park is a well known oldest national park that is also known as Jim Corbett National Park. It has been named after a British conversationalist, Jim Corbett.
Jim Corbett National Park, situated at Nainital district of Uttrakhand, the park was built in 1936 as Hailey National Park. It is protective reservoir for severely endangered Bengal Tigers of India. The aim of this Park is of the Project Tiger which is an initiative for the protection Indian wildlife.

The park is known for Eco tourism that possesses around 488 different species of flora and fauna. Jim Corbett has been major attraction for wildlife lovers. It is where you can visit not only picturesque landscape but also diverse wildlife. A large numbers of tourists come to visit this national park from across the world.

Pleasant Climate Climate of this national park is temperate in comparison of other parks or protected areas of India. Though temperature may vary from 5 degree C to 30 degree C and summer temperature doesn’t go above 40 degree C. Adding to this, rainfall can be seen from light to heavy during monsoons.

Flora and Fauna When it comes to flora and fauna, there can be seen around 488 varieties of plants. Next to it, 585 species of the residents as well as migratory birds seize the attention of visitors. Some of them include blossom headed parakeet, red jungle fowl, crested serpent eagles, etc. Other than this, almost 7 species of fishes, 33 different varieties of reptiles, 37 species of dragonflies and 7 species of amphibians can be seen in Jim Corbett National Park. Plenty of Bengal Tigers can be easily spotted in Jim Corbett Reserve of Tigers. In addition to it, it is home to countless species of leopards such as fishing cat, jungle cat and leopard cat that can be spotted in the hilly areas.

Other Tourists Attractions Garjia Temple- It is a beautiful temple located on the bank of River Kosi that is about 14 Kilometers far from Ramnagar City. At the time of Kartik Poornima, large numbers of tourists can be seen here to participate in the fair which is organized to dedicate Goddess Garjia.

Dhikala- This is one of the popular travel destinations of the Corbett situated at the fringes of Patli Dun Valley. From here you can have a look at the spectacular natural beauty of this valley. Moreover, there is a rest house that was built years ago. Elephant Safari- Elephant safari is a major attraction of this park that will catch your attention. Sitting on the elephant you can go to the grasslands for taking a look at the herd of wild elephants or tigers. Early morning or late afternoons are the best timings for Elephant Safari.

Best Time to Visit If you are planning to visit Jim Corbett, the best time is in winter season from November to April. Though winter season can be little cold, yet warm clothes will make you feel comfortable. Due to monsoons, this amazing park remains closed from July-August to September months.

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